Health & Safety

Multiscaff Ltd treat Health & Safety very seriously which is shown in our excellent safety record.

Mulitscaff’s record having never had any serious accidents is something we strive to keep, just a few minor bumps and cuts here and there which is expected in the industry we are in. Overall Multiscaff do its best to keep empolyees, the public, and the enviroment safe while operating in the work place.

We offer to our clients:

  • Professional Advice – Through our own in-house personel.
  • Supervision – Advanced scaffolders supervise any operatives underneath them.
  • Safety Monitoring / Surveillance – our systems are constantly monitored and reviewed to maximise opportunities for improvement and prevention;
  • Risk and Method Statements – by using job specific method statements and regular on-site toolbox talks we ensure that health and safety remains paramount at all times;
  • Inspections – We carry out scaffold inspections for our clients and log them with the ‘Scafftag’ System.
  • PPE – all our personnel are provided with high quality PPE to enable them to carry out their work safely. With safety critical equipment, controlled records are maintained for the purpose of inspection, maintenance and replacement.