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Client: Boeing 777 – Private Aircraft
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Project Duration: 10 dats
Value: £250,000

This pioneering project involving the world’s first-ever private Boeing 777, in which we installed a full tail docking for our client. This aircraft is the first of its class in the world to have scaffolding installed around it.

The Boeing 777 is a full carbon fibre aircraft that is lighter and more aerodynamic than the traditional aeroplane, meaning our team had to meticulously install a full tail docking. We were able to complete this to the highest standard by using our expert knowledge and drawing in on the previous experience of providing aircraft dockings. The team assessed the aircraft and took extra precautions when working on this project, and to prevent any instance of contamination we had brand new materials delivered directly to the site. In any case of damages, we carry all insurances for damage and accidents to all types of aircraft up to £150 Million.