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Multiscaff are one of the most experienced scaffolding access companies not only in the UK but Europe also. We only use ‘the worlds most advanced scaffolding system’ which is constantly checked and kept as new condition so there is no contamination from dust etc whilst on site, we recognise this is vital within the aviation industry.

From placing an order with us we can mobilise artic trucks to any destination in the world and arrange customs forms all within 5 days as we have the experience.

Experience is key when working on projects and there’s nothing we haven’t done in the Aviation Industry, we have provided access on everything from commercial 787 Dreamliners, 747,767,757,737 right through to military aircraft such as Nimrods, Hercules and AWAC’s and private jets including VIP 767’s etc.

We have the management and operatives with aviation experience along with all the necessary insurances and references to mobilise throughout the world to suit our customers’ needs.

Call us now from anywhere in the world on 0161 627 2818 (UK) or 0044 161 653 2892 (International) to speak to one of our management personnel.