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Multiscaff Ltd started off in 1994 as a family run business, 21 years later we remain a family business.

We worked for a few years providing scaffolding for local businesses and we became established and our reputation grew we started to provide national and international companies.

In recent years we work nationally on a regular basis and internationally to suit customers needs, we travelled as far as India and Switzerland to provide aviation scaffolding.

We now are one of the most experienced scaffolding companies in the United Kingdom on airports,ranging from private jets Boeing 747’s and military aircraft such as the AWAC.

We have a fleet of vehicles for all jobs ranging from 4×4 upto 26 tons vehicles with Hiabs.

Apart form this work we have never lost touch with our roots and still provide scaffolds for sole traders and the general public.

Multiscaff Ltd is still after all these years a family run business.

Since the begining we mainly operated using tube and fitting, whilst this was ok we searched for a European Standard compatable scaffold solution with tube fitting essentially loosing its technical guidance of compliant assembly methods (BS: 5973) which was why TG:20 was introduced so to try and make tube and fitting upto a EN 128-11 standard, only basic scaffolds can now be erected until the need for design input which again is a cost to the client, this is not good in a time when there is a need to save money in order to survive in the current climate! We had to do something for our customers to overcome this.

We strived to offer our customers a cost effective solution to tube and invested in various scaffold solutions. We decided in 2012 to look for the most versatile system which compared or exceeded tube and fitting for strength but was faster to erect thus saving you ‘our customer’ time and money on projects, we decided on the Multiscaff ‘Layher’ Allround System and began a huge investment and phased out the older systems.

Our scaffold system not only matches tube and fitting for versatility and strength but exceeds it in numerous ways, once tried you will never return to the ‘old ways’. Thats a Multiscaff promise.

We also supply and fix Scaffold Alarms and CCTV for high profile contracts.

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